Ziemann's dot

Ziemann's dot

English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • dot — A small spot. Gunn dots minute, highly glistening, white or yellowish specks usually seen in the posterior part of the fundus; nonpathologic. Horner Trantas dots evanescent white cellular infiltrates occurring in the bulbar …   Medical dictionary

  • Ziemann — Hans R.P., German pathologist, 1865–1939. See Z. dots, under dot, Z. stippling …   Medical dictionary

  • stippling — 1. A speckling of a blood cell or other structure with fine dots when exposed to the action of a basic stain, due to the presence of free basophil granules in the cell protoplasm. SYN: punctate basophilia. 2. An orange peel appearance of t …   Medical dictionary